RUAL Documentation

Getting started

With RUAL, you can develop web applications in a matter of weeks, leaving the tedious tasks to us. Explore all the available options and resources in our comprehensive RUAL Docs.

Development release v13.0.7 See what we're currently working on, updated live based on the code deployments.

Before starting

The most frequently utilized aspect during development in RUAL Studio is what we call blueprinting. When mentioning RUAL Studio, we are referring to the cluster management pages accessible at

Within the blueprinting section, certain features are designed to simplify your work with blueprints. We recommend reading the tips & tricks in the blueprints menu. This resource offers valuable insights on navigating large blueprints, as well as tips on copying & pasting and creating groups around multiple blocks.

Cluster Access

To use any cluster through RUAL Studio, you must have a cluster URL and a valid username and password that are authorized for RUAL Studio Access. For more information on managing user access, please refer to our User Access Management (UCM) resource. If you are not already an administrator, an existing administrator will need to create an account for you and grant the appropriate access levels. This process ensures that only authorized users can access specific clusters, maintaining security and control within the RUAL Studio environment.

Cluster API's

Each cluster offers both public and private APIs, which can streamline the authorization process for developing custom frontends, as well as hybrid or native applications. For those building hybrid native apps using React Native and looking to connect with our WebSocket, we offer helper code. The most up-to-date documentation for Cluster APIs can be found in the left-side menu under "Cluster APIs." Alternatively, you can click here for a comprehensive overview of the available APIs.