RUAL Documentation

RUAL Core v10.3.11

Our platform operates on software, commonly known as core. This software can be run either locally within the cloud environment of Enterprise Customers or within our AWS cluster.

Modified or newly introduced blocks

In this release 1 blocks have been modified and 7 new blocks were introduced. You'll find a complete list of blocks at the bottom of this page.

Blocks introduced

connected drive function Connect with your BMW using your BMW Connected Drvie credentials. data bmwconnection Get the last known online status of your vehicle. elseif fielddefinitions use different fields using multiple conditions. if fielddefinitions use different fields using a condition. sound: stop uicomponent Stops the given sound by ID switch fielddefinitions use different fields based of an expression. timeout httpconnection Updates the default connection timeout of 120 seconds

Blocks modified

pling uicomponent Plays the "Pling" sound