RUAL Documentation

User APIs

Below is a comprehensive list of user-related APIs that serve various purposes such as user info and user update.

Update the user with either new data or update their own password.

Key Type Example
authorization string "Bearer 1Z1105da2bac3190b757792066e83f6f3aZ0efa92ae3aebdd6079fa2f328f4dfe2a"
Key Type Example
firstname string "Joe"
lastname string "Do"
password optional string "newpassword"
{ "username": "joe", "firstname": "Joe", "lastname": "Do", "_meta": { "guid": "39336c0c7cec1c89f617ed704b34c2ad39336c0c7cec1c89f617ed704b34c2ad" } }
{ "success": false, "error": "ERROR_KEY" }