RUAL Documentation

RUAL Core v13.0.3

Our platform operates on software, commonly known as core. This software can be run either locally within the cloud environment of Enterprise Customers or within our AWS cluster.

Modified or newly introduced blocks

In this release 1 blocks have been modified. You'll find a complete list of blocks at the bottom of this page.

New Features and Enhancements

Advanced Logging and Auditing

  • Implemented enhanced logging for language settings.
  • Added remote call auditing control for better monitoring.
  • Introduced base audit logging in system settings.

Enhanced Data Management

  • Implemented a JSON patch action for improved data handling.
  • Added a new POST method for handling simulation data.
  • Implemented new local scope logic for block execution runners.
  • Added keyword search base functionality.

Blueprint and Storage Improvements

  • Generated shorter IDs for blueprints and introduced blueprint namespacing support.
  • Improved storage count logic to optimize heap usage.
  • Resolved issues with short-id blueprint caching.

UI and UX Improvements

  • Increased the file size limit for uploads, enhancing user flexibility.
  • Updated big JSON modal to align with the current style guide.
  • Introduced a new page selector logic for better navigation.
  • Redesigned render page error handling for improved user feedback.
  • Improved default styling for state_alert_regular.

Bug Fixes

Precompile and Caching Issues

  • Fixed a precompile reset issue.
  • Addressed a problem with queue unique-id re-creation.
  • Resolved caching issues related to Redis and setting cache.

File Handling and Data Integrity

  • Fixed concurrent disk writing issue in HTML components.
  • Corrected inconsistency in file naming during creation and renaming.
  • Addressed a crash related to WebSocket (WS) replies.
  • Fixed document size mismatch in storage views.
  • Resolved missing entities in HTTP Audit.
  • Fixed block [uicomponent_foreach_return] being unavailable.

API and Functionality Improvements

  • Fixed non-functional GitHub functions.
  • Enhanced error handling in State Templates.
  • Improved Redis description and fixed Redis reconnect strategy.
  • Removed unnecessary timers to streamline operations.
  • Fixed settings that could result in incorrect outcomes.
  • Resolved issues with values re-executing page blocks.

System and Security Updates

Regular System Updates

  • Deprecated all honeywell blocks, marking end of life.
  • Simplified new datatable filters for ease of use.
  • Added block documentation for user guidance.
  • Fixed on-premise build process and refactored some parts for efficiency.

Security Enhancements

  • Upgraded packages to comply with vulnerability CVE-2023-4863.
  • Removed salt exposure from internal API to enhance security measures.
  • Implemented targeted state updates for better data management.
  • Added options.skip_created_by to function_create_document_from_mutations for improved data control.

Additional Updates

  • Added http_get_original_url & httpconnection_get_languages blocks for expanded localized functionality.
  • Fixed the state button function triggering callback for empty lines.
  • Added custom file limit for UI components.
  • Implemented advanced datatable filter base.
  • Introduced block state_submit_button for API-driven forms.
  • Resolved missing simulation data on function_remove_document block.
  • Added {{localization}} support for URLs in templates.
  • Fixed language definition issues.

Blocks modified

date histogram aggregation Groups data based on a date histogram, allowing analysis over specified intervals.