RUAL Documentation

RUAL Core v13.0.1

Our platform operates on software, commonly known as core. This software can be run either locally within the cloud environment of Enterprise Customers or within our AWS cluster.

Modified or newly introduced blocks

In this release 10 blocks have been modified and 81 new blocks were introduced. You'll find a complete list of blocks at the bottom of this page.


This release introduces a slew of enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements across RUAL Core, with a focus on elevating performance, usability, and stability. From upgrading vital packages and extending API parameters to refining UI components and bolstering security, our development team has diligently worked to provide a refined user experience.


  • Redis Package: Upgraded to enhance performance and stability.
  • HTML Elements: Enhanced state management with additions of <header>, <footer>, <embed>, <datalist>, and <kbd> elements.
  • API Parameters: Introduced a new params pin feature for APIs.
  • Navigation: Implemented a navigation (nav) feature designed for Dominique.
  • Automation API: Introduced a new Automation Counter API.

Bug Fixes

  • RUAL Studio Login: Addressed an issue impacting RUAL Studio login functionality.
  • State and RUAL Studio: Resolved related issues to augment usability and stability.
  • JSON Parsing: Addressed an issue where JSON parsing did not return an empty object on error.
  • Blueprint: Rectified a return value-related concern.
  • UI and Websocket: Resolved several UI component issues and an incident involving a websocket throw.
  • Arrays and RUAL: Addressed a problem affecting the sum in arrays and RUAL.
  • Spark Entity: Fixed an issue where the spark entity was not defined.
  • 404 Error: Resolved a 404 navigation error.
  • Streaming Headers: Addressed an issue preventing headers from being set on stream.
  • Minor Issues: Rectified numerous minor issues affecting values, set events, and more.

Codebase Improvements

  • Security: Updated multiple modules to fortify security across the application.
  • Refactoring: Moved HTML tags (label, italic, strong) to a separate file for enhanced maintainability.
  • Visual Update: Refined visual aesthetics by removing the background for number blocks.
  • UX Enhancement: Modified the form id label for improved identification.

General Improvements

  • Undertook multiple enhancements and fixes for state functionality.
  • Implemented numerous global fixes across various modules to enhance stability and performance.

API Improvements

  • Amplified API functionality and interaction through the addition and refinement of various parameters.

Blocks introduced

advanced datatable state A pre-styled advanced table showing data using advanced tooling basic alert state Generates a basic styled alert with text. basic canvas state A basic canvas element button statedatatableconnection Adds a button that can be placed anywhere in the row. button state Generates a basic html button element with default styling. button with text and icon state Generates a basic html button element with default styling. checkbox state Generates a basic checkbox. The field will be used as state key, prefixed with the form. checkbox statedatatableconnection Adds a checkbox that can be placed anywhere in the row. checkbox buttons state Generates a set of buttons and multiple values can be choosen. The field will be used as state key. checkmark state A button filled with a green checkmark. code state A code element. column state A div with the col-* classes available to it. container state A div with the class container on it by default. custom number state A custom number element custom text state null datalist state A datalist element. datatable state A styled table made to display a lot of data using pagination. date input state Generates a date input. The field will be used as state key. datetime input state Generates a datetime input. The field will be used as state key, prefixed with the form. div state Creates a dynamic and customizable div element on your web page. div foreach state Serves as a dynamic container, generating an unique div for each element in the specified array. dropdown state Generates a designed dropdown menu. The field will be used as state key. embed state A embed element, that defines a container for an external resource. fill array Fills the given array with null or the given value. fontawesome icon state Integrates a dynamic FontAwesome icon into your web page footer state A footer element. form state Generates a basic form element using state UI. All fields within this form will be prefixed if a prefix is given. form rows from fields state Generates rows with the given fields. The fields will be used as state keys. geopoint input state Generates a geopoint input. The field will be used as state key. h1 state A H1 element. h2 state A H2 element. h3 state A H3 element. h4 state A H4 element. h5 state A H5 element. h6 state A H6 element. header state A header element. hr state A horizontal rule element hyperlink state A anchor element, that can be used to create an link to an intern/extern page. iframe state A iframe element with URL state binding. image state A image element. image from file state A img element from a internal or public file. input state Generates a basic input. The field will be used as state key, prefixed with the form. is member redis determine if a given value is a member of a set italic state A italic text element. kbd state A kbd element. label state Represents a caption for an item in a user interface. link statedatatableconnection Adds a link that can be placed anywhere in the row. list element state A list element. nav state Defines a set of navigation links. new array returns a new array. number input state Generates a number input. The field will be used as state key. on change state Triggers given callback when the state key changes in the UI. This can be used to see button clicks or inputs being changed. ordered list state An ordered list element. outlined alert state Generates outline styled information alert element with a icon next to the text. paragraph state A paragraph element. password input state Generates a password input. The field will be used as state key. preformatted text state A pre element. price format state null price input state Generates a price input. The field will be used as state key. progressbar state A progress bar filled up to certain percentage. radio buttons state Generates a set of buttons you can choose between. The field will be used as state key. regular card state Shows a regular card. return modal state Returns modal content row state A div with the class row on it by default. script state A script element. select state Generates a basic select. The field will be used as state key. span state A span element. spinner state A div with the class spinner on it by default. state stateformfieldconnection Overwrites state for given fields strong state Indicates that its text has strong importance, seriousness, or urgency. submit button state A submit button to handle your form using a POST or PUT API. An error will be shown if the API responds with a non-200 status code and an error message. For this to work a form element needs to be used. table state A table element. table body state A tbody element. table column state A table column element. table head state A thead element. table header state A th element. table row state A tr element. textarea state Generates a basic textarea. The field will be used as state key. time input state Generates a time input. The field will be used as state key, prefixed with the form. unordered list state An unordered list element. vertical aligned fields state Shows the given fields vertical aligned

Blocks modified

cast to state value Converts the given value into a state. cast to value state converts the given value into a value. close contextmenu state Close the currently open contextmenu, if any open create context menu state Generates a dynamic context menu and removes existing define state Store this state as reference, which can later be used by "use reference" is left clicked state Checks if the given field is clicked within the UI state. is modified state Checks if a field is modified within the given form. subscribe state null unsubscribe state null use state Use the state which was previously defined by a define reference