RUAL Documentation

RUAL Core v12.0.5

Our platform operates on software, commonly known as core. This software can be run either locally within the cloud environment of Enterprise Customers or within our AWS cluster.

Modified or newly introduced blocks

In this release 2 blocks have been modified and 13 new blocks were introduced. You'll find a complete list of blocks at the bottom of this page.

Blocks introduced

alert with translation component Basic bootstrap alert with a translation array does not include value condition Returns true if the given array does not include the given value cast to value uiclass Casts the class type to a value fuzzy query Returns documents that contain terms similar to the search term if fieldvalidation Returns a given validation based on the connected condition request opn scanner list uicomponent Requests the current scanned barcode list from the connected opn scanner. IPC: read-opn-scanner required fieldvalidation Will set the required attribute on the connected input sanitize user input component Sanitizes the input and returns the text without an element wrapper if no attributes or outlet are set. If either one is set the text will be wrapped with a span set badge count uicomponent Updates the dock icon badge with the given count, 0 to reset. set progress bar uicomponent Updates the progressbar of the application. show notification uicomponent Send notification if the user is viewing the UI in an electron app. switch fieldvalidation Returns a given validation based on the connected expression text to speech uicomponent Speaks the given text in a browser-controlled voice.

Blocks modified

foreach uicomponent Loops over the given data and returns everything as one ui component page uicomponent Build a page on the given URI

Blocks deprecated

get base64 function Accepts a file and returns the corresponding base64