RUAL Documentation

RUAL Core v10.6.2

Our platform operates on software, commonly known as core. This software can be run either locally within the cloud environment of Enterprise Customers or within our AWS cluster.

Modified or newly introduced blocks

In this release 5 blocks have been modified and 9 new blocks were introduced. You'll find a complete list of blocks at the bottom of this page.

Blocks introduced

** number Returns the result of raising first operand to the power second operand. >= and <= condition null array input component Generates rows with inputs based on the selected fields from an array create new component uicomponent Helps users create a new component. As soon as the component is created this block will be replaced by the new component which can also be selected in the search. get document function get a specific document based on the given GUID is this workweek condition null matchall value null search single function searches in the given storage based on a query and returns maximum one result. submit form uicomponent Submits the given form in the frontend

Blocks modified

datatable component A complete data table including filters, sorting, and searchbar. search function searches in the given storage based on a query. searchbar datatablefilter null sign in function let a user be able to login sign in as user function Sign in a regular user account, this only works for accounts with the setting "allow_login_as_user" enabled